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trx suspension trainer

TRX and Alternative Bodyweight Suspension Trainer Reviews

TRX and Alternative Suspension Trainer Reviews

Alternative suspension trainerWhether you are looking for a way to shake up your current fitness routine or want a piece of equipment that is super portable and quick to set up, look no further than a bodyweight suspension trainer. Suspension training has been a growing fitness trend since the early 2000s and is still one of the most adaptive, quickest setup, and efficient way to get a total body workout. Whether for your home or to toss in your bag while you travel, suspension trainers are very versatile if you don’t want a lot of equipment or don’t have access to a gym. At the very least, you need a door to anchor your trainer to and you’re good to go.

TRX Suspension Trainers

The TRX Suspension Trainer is the most highly rated and well-known that exists on the market. Since the original version of the TRX was created in 2001 by Randy Hetrick, there have been many modifications, improvements, and models created to fit all environments: the Home2, the Pro4, and the Tactical.

Home2 Pro3 Tactical
What’s Included TRX Home2 Suspension Trainer, door anchor, suspension anchor, mesh carry bag, free 1-year access to TRX app TRX Pro3 Suspension Trainer, door anchor, suspension anchor, Xtender, mesh carry bag, the key to the carabiner, free 1-year access to TRX app TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer, door anchor, suspension anchor, mesh backpack, Xtender, free 1-year access to TRX app, TRX Force app
Materials Adjustable foot cradles, paddled handle straps, pinstripe webbing Textured rubber handles, upgraded webbing, adjustable/padded foot cradles, theft-resistant carabiner Textured rubber handles, upgraded webbing
TRX App Access Yes, 1-year free Yes, 1-year free Yes, 1-year free PLUS TRX Force app
Concierge Access Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 5-year limited 5-year limited 5-year limited
TRX home gymClick on image for more information TRx Pro 3Click on image for more information TRx go tacticalClick on image for more information

Using just your body weight, you can get a total-body workout when using the trainer properly. The app provides videos and tutorials for each exercise in a workout as well as verbal cues to help you make the necessary adjustments for each exercise. You also have the ability to utilize other products (Rip Trainer, kettlebells, medicine balls, etc.) in your workouts. All suspension trainers can be used for indoor or outdoor use and are made to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear. The suspension trainers can hold up to 350 lbs.


  • App access gives you opportunities for different workouts, exercises, various formats, and other equipment.
  • Easy to set up on horizontal or vertical anchors
  • One anchor point
  • Workouts on the app fit all fitness levels
  • Can be used in place of traditional weights or machines
  • Improves on strength, cardio, and flexibility/mobility
  • Online support


  • Price may vary based on which suspension trainer you want

Intent Sports – Bodyweight Resistance Trainer

The Intent Sports – Bodyweight Resistance Trainer is  very similar in look and function to the TRX Suspension Trainers, but has two anchor points to be attached to a pull-up bar or put over a door. It’s made from professional grade materials and has reinforced door anchors. There isn’t a weight limit stated on the website.

Includes: 2 straps with built-in door anchors, travel bag, exercise book


  • Quick set up on a horizontal anchor
  • Two anchor points
  • Can get a full-body workout
  • Cost-effective


  • Can’t attach to a vertical anchor 

intent sports suspension trainer

Ultimate Body Press – Bodyweight Resistance Trainer

The Ultimate Body Press – Bodyweight Resistance Trainer can be made to have one or two anchor points to attach to a pull-up bar but the door anchor doesn’t provide any protection to not cause damage to the door or the trim while using. Buckles to adjust the length of the straps is near where the system is anchored and is made from commercial-grade components. The weight limit is not noted on the website.

Includes: 2 independent suspension straps, universal anchor carabiner, drawstring bag, quick start guide


  • Can be used as a single anchor point or two anchor points
  • Can be anchored to a horizontal or vertical support
  • Quick to set up 
  • Includes an exercise poster


  • Door anchor is the “S” hook, which could damage the door and/or trim

Ultimate Body Press - Bodyweight Resistance Trainer

GoFit – Gravity Straps Bodyweight Resistance Trainer

The GoFit – Gravity Straps are for indoor use only and with a door. It has two anchor points, but the handles and ankle cradles can be interchanged on a carabiner. Adjustment buckles are near the anchor point and has a weight limit of 300 lbs.

Includes: 2-Gravity Straps with door anchors, 2 handles, 2 ankle cradles, mesh travel bag, training manual


  • Easy to set up
  • Interchangeable handles
  • Cost-effective
  • One year limited warranty


  • Limited to indoor use

go fit bodyweight resistance trainer

NOSSK Home Suspension Bodyweight Suspension Trainer

The NOSSK Home Suspension Bodyweight Suspension Trainer is a very simple design but can only be used with a door which wouldn’t allow for any movements or exercises in which you needed to be behind the anchor. The adjustment buckles are near the handles, but there’s no clear instruction on the website for how the handles attach to the straps. The strap itself is made from 1st-grade military webbing and has a weight limitation of 300 lbs.

Included: A trainer with built-in door anchor, 2 handles, quick start guide, drawstring bag, 1-year warranty


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to set up
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • One year warranty


  • Indoor use only
  • Limited exercise guide

NOSSK Home Suspension Bodyweight suspensionTrainer

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