Rehab Guide Downloads

We are proud to begin offering comprehensive Rehab Guides that you can download and begin your road to recovery at home.

These guides are designed with up-to-date research, education, and the best exercises to help you heal at home.

The guides are simple to follow and meant to speed up the recovery process and take the “guessing” out of getting better. 

The Complete Sprained Ankle Rehab Guide

In this guide, you’ll find tons of helpful content. We cover everything from the basics to complex return to sport exercises. With 77 pages of content and 13 chapters, we cover any and all questions you might have regarding a sprained ankle.

Ankle Sprain cover Page

You can expect to find everything you need about ankle sprains, including initial pain management, how to tape, if bracing helps, when to get an x-ray, and which exercises are most helpful.

Our guides are affordable, and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed within 40 hours of purchasing.