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Helpful Rehab and Fitness Articles

Hip Replacement What to Expect in Your First Week
Hip Pain

Hip Replacement: What to Expect in Your First Week

If you are one of the thousands of people who have recently undergone hip replacement surgery, you may be wondering what to expect during your …

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Ankle Exercises for Runner
Foot and Ankle Pain

Ankle Exercises for Runners: Strengthening, Stretching, and Loosening Up

Regular running brings loads of health benefits, like improved mental health and mortality, decreased cancer risk, and countless more. Yet, it also brings loads of …

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How to Strengthen the Tibialis Posterior
Foot and Ankle Pain

How to Strengthen the Tibialis Posterior: A Helpful Guide

The body is a complex arrangement of muscles, tendons, and joints. Repetitive stress can play a wicked toll upon any number of these structures, causing …

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Back Pain

Lower Back Pain: Treatment of The QL and Lateral Back Pain

Although many things can set people apart, back pain in the QL muscle region is not one of them. It is reported that over 65 …

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5 Great Exercises to Strengthen the Soleus Muscle
Foot and Ankle Pain

5 Great Exercises to Strengthen the Soleus: What, Why, and How

One of the most underrated muscles in the body is the Soleus. The Soleus is a deep muscle in the calf that plays an important …

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Physical Therapy

Hands-On PT Pros Push-Up Board Review: What You Need to Know

Working out from home has boomed over the past few years. With our busy schedules and health concerns, it’s no surprise that working out at …

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