Who is Physical Therapy Product Reviews?

We are a small group of friends and licensed physical therapists with a combined experience of over 20 years in rehab. We work in orthopedic physical therapy by day and review products to help patients out by night. We kept and continue to get the same questions over and over regarding different products and there are s many options, it’s overwhelming. We hope to help narrow down some of the choices based on our use within the clinic

What is a Physical Therapist?

A Physical Therapist is a licensed professional that helps improve pain and functional performance. We specialize in anatomy and physiology to help improve movement quality, joint dysfunction, and overall painful activities.

What is a DPT?

A DPT stands for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. It is the entry-level degree to be able to practice physical therapy. This does include 4 years of undergraduate study followed by 3 years of graduate school.

Your Products take me to Amazon, What Gives?

Yes, all of our products and reviews will take you to Amazon. Amazon has a great selection of exercise equipment and we don’t sell any of it ourselves. That way we don’t feel obligated to review our own products.

Do you Make Money from Amazon?

If you order a product from Amazon after reading one of our recommendations, we do make a small commission. Our opinions used on this website are all of our own and we only recommend products that use ourselves or with patients in the clinic.

The small profits typically go toward keeping this website operational, sanity needing coffee, and occasionally our ginormous student loans if we are lucky. Thank you in advance and feel free to share our thoughts and ideas with your friends.