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Hydragun massage gun

Hydragun: The Best Premium Massage Gun for Recovery

Hydragun: The Best Massage Gun for RecoveryYes, we think that the Hydragun is the best massage gun on the market today.

Massage guns have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, especially in fitness and healthcare. With increased popularity also comes increased costs.

Massage guns are even finding their ways into Physical Therapy and healthcare clinics. We recently got to try the Hydragun massage gun and found it to be the best premium massage gun that we have tested.

The Hydragun is the complete package and our favorite massage gun because of its low noise levels, long battery life, lightweight design, and powerful motor for an actual affordable price.

Initial Thoughts on the Hydragun

We love the Hydragun and our initial impressions were all spot on. You can quickly tell it is a well thought out design and a premium quality massage gun.


When compared to other premium massage guns the Hydragun comes in at a significantly lower price for similar features. To compare, the Theragun pro has a price tag of nearly double the Hydragun the time of this writing. The Hypervolt Hyperice Plus, another premium massage gun, costs over $100 more than the Hydragun. For premium features, the Hydragun comes in at a wallet friendly $250.

Fast Shipping and a Great Box

Hydragun BoxHydragun advertises 7-9 days for shipping to the US and they did not disappoint. It arrived quickly and without any issues.

We love the exterior box that is standard with all Hydraguns. Even though the box has no effect on the performance, it looks modern and is in line with a premium product.

Cool Carrying Case

The Hydragun comes in a  carrying case with a handle. This allows you to protect the massage gun and take it with you anywhere you want to go. We took it to the gym, physical therapy clinic, and over to some friends house. It’s easy to transport and something one might even take on vacation. 

Solid Yet Sleek Design

At first glance the Hydragun looks awesome. It is an all matte black design with a red accent near the back control panel. The gun feels solid but not heavy in way. This is due to the fact that the Hydragun is made with aerospace grade aluminum alloy. hydragun handle

The Hydragun Handle

The Hydragun handle is designed at a 99 degree angle to be more ergonomic and comfortable to hold. The off-angle handle may be our favorite feature after using it over the past few weeks. The handle is thin, making it easy to grip during treatment. In addition to being the perfect angle, the handle is wrapped in a non-slip silicone wrap adding to the comfort of holding. 

The Control Panel

The back of the gun is all about simplicity. There is only one button and that makes it easy to use and quick to learn. This single button is the power button and changes the speed level. The back of the gun has 3 different areas of lights; these signal the power levels, battery levels, and the force meter.    

Hydragun Massage Gun

Hydragun massage gun

Hydragun Main Features

The makers of the Hydragun did an excellent job at excelling in all aspects and features. It is the quietest option, has the longest battery life, and has great power compared the rest of the massage guns. For a full in-depth review of the Top 6 massage guns and where they compare you can that here.

Hydradun Details
Amplitude 12 mm
Noise Level 30-50 dB
Max RPM 3200
Battery Life up to 6 hours
Weight 2.3 lbs
Body Material Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy
Stall Force 30 lbs
Battery 2600 m AH
Number of Heads 6 - including 2 stainless steel
Speed Settings 6
Warranty 1.5 year warranty and 30-day return pology

*as taken from the Hydragun website seen here:

Battery Level and Charging

The Hydragun has an amazing 6 hours of battery life which is the longest of any massage gun that we have tested.

We used it daily for over 3 weeks without having to charge and it likely could have gone another week.

It does take a couple of hours to fully charge and it’s not recommended to use during charging. We were able to use it again within 20-30 minutes at a partial charge if needed but never had a an issue with charging time. The battery levels are easy to track via the back panel. A great features included is an automatic shut-ff after 10 minutes of continuous use. This is to prevent the motor from overheating and is actually a good signal to give your muscle a break. 

The only downside to charging is that it is not compatible with USB charging which is a feature that I’d love to see in the future. It would be handy to charge in the car after the gym or after a soccer tournament. 


The Hydragun comes in at 2.3 lbs. This is lighter than both the Theragun Pro at 3 lbs and the Hyperice Hypervolt at 2.8 lbs. This may not seem like a big difference but when you are holding the massage gun at odd angles to get hard to reach body parts, a lighter gun certainly is more comfortable. 

Noise Level

The Hydragun is also the quietest massage gun we’ve tested. At an average noise rating of 30-50 decibels (dB) the Hydragun is nearly near silent. To better compare, a whisper is 25 dB and a normal conversation is around 60 dB. To put it simply, this thing is ultra quiet. I’ve used it while watching TV and talking to make wife, and never even noticed the noise. Compares to noise levels of the leading massage guns, the Theragun Pro is listed at 45-55 dB and the Hyperice Hypervolt at 65-70 dB. In combing a motor that has a max RPM of 3200 while being whisper quiet, this is impressive. 

Power Levels

The stall force is the amount of pressure you can put through the gun before the engine stalls. The Hydragun puts out an impressive 30 lbs of pressure. This means that you can put 30 lbs of pressure in one muscle before you have to back off. The Hydragun has a warning system that lights up on the back panel of the gun when you are starting to put too much pressure. Trust me, I never came close to registering the warning. It gets uncomfortable quickly before reaching those force levels. 

For my injured calf muscle, simple resting it on the area of discomfort and letting the gun float was plenty of force. 

6 Speed Levels

The Hydragun has 6 adjustable speed levels that you can easily adjust from the power button. The first few levels are lighter and while the 4th-6th levels are more powerful and faster. We recommend using the first 3 levels for new injuries, sore muscles, and as a warm up. Once the muscle is ready switch it to the higher levels for faster recovery.

While we aren’t huge fans of having to click through all of the levels each time, you get used to it quickly. There are other massage guns that have up to 20 different levels but those can actually be a pain to cycle through and we end up using only a handful anyways.

Massage Heads

One of the most unique things about the Hydragun is that 2 of the massage heads are made of stainless steel. The stainless steel heads allow for a deeper massage which is ideal for the post-workout soreness. The 6 massage heads include a ball head, flat head, bullet head, fork head, steel flat head, and a steel round head.

The massage heads are easy to change and offer good a variety of massages. To change the heads, simply turn off the massage gun, pull on the head you want to take out and push the new one in. I typically used the massage ball while working on my calf but found I like different massage heads for different parts of the body.

Hydragun Massage Gun

How to Use a Massage Gun

The best part about the Hydragun is that it takes very little effort to use. To use the gun, let it float over the muscles and let the gun do the work. Some helpful tips include:

  • Don’t press the gun into the muscle more than you have to, let the gun rest on the muscle and do the work.
  • For deep muscle aches, let the gun sink into the muscle instead of forcing it down
  • Don’t use a massage gun on a single area for more then 5 minutes to avoid negative effects on the surface of the skin
  • Start on the lowest setting and work up to the fastest as you need
  • Avoid using the massage gun on bones, tendons, ligaments, and any area of potential visceral area 
  • Don’t lie on top of the gun. Get a partner to help with the hard to reach areas

In Review

If you are getting a premium massage then the Hydragun is the best option. At a great price compared to the competitors with great features such as a long battery life, whisper quiet noise levels, and a comfortable sleek design of aluminum alloy, this is your best option.

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