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Hand Sanitizer: Best Natural Hand Sanitizers To Keep Your Hands Clean

Natural Hand Sanitizers: The Best Sanitizers To Keep Your Hands Clean

Germs are everywhere. Soap and water are not. Without the availability of soap and water, germs have a greater chance of making us sick. The alternative to soap and water is of course, hand sanitizers or gels. But how do we know which hand sanitizer will be the most effective while avoiding the harsh effects of the chemicals that are needed to kill the germs?

In today’s world bugs are getting stronger and surfaces are carrying more germs than ever. Think about your cell phone for a quick seconds. If you have kids then you absolutely know how many germs are around and how easy it is to get sick. But when using your hand sanitizer do you know what’s actually in it? Are you confident that chemicals in the hand sanitizer are any better than the germs they are supposed to stop?

What to Look for in Natural Hand Sanitizer

According to the CDC, a hand sanitizer is most effective when it has an alcohol base of at least 60%. This ensures that germs are killed outright instead of just having their numbers reduced. babygenics hand sanitizerAs effective as alcohol-based hand sanitizers are, they are still harsh and irritating to the skin.

The different types of alcohol to look out for are isopropanol, ethanol, or n-propanol.

Although these are the most common alcohol bases to look for when searching the ingredient list, Benzalkonium Chloride is the alternative ingredient used in most natural hand sanitizers. While it is less harmful to the skin and non-toxic, it is also non-flammable and considered more environmentally friendly.

Using hand sanitizers to clean your hands when you do not have soap and water available is convenient, but it is still important to remember a couple of things:

  1. The efficiency of hand sanitizers only works if you follow the directions.
  2. Washing your hands with soap and water is still the best proven method to effectively decrease your chances against becoming ill.

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Do Hand Sanitizers Really Work?

Are Hand Sanitizer Bad for You?

None of the ones on our list are as have searched and found the most natural and safest hand sanitizers. However, not all hand sanitizers are created equal. This year the US FDA banned manufacturers from using as many as 28 active ingredients in many of the available hand sanitizers. This was part of a three year process researching toxic ingredients used in many hand sanitizers. Although the 28 ingredients sound like a lot, it will only affect a few of the sanitizers on the market today.

There has been no research to date that shows use of hand sanitizers is unsafe to use, especially when soap and water are not readily available. When hands are visibly soiled it is always best to use soap and water as it has been shown to be superior for protection when hands are that compromised.

Best Natural Hand Sanitizer with Added Moisturizer

Elyptol Natural Antimicrobial Sanitizer Spray

Pros: Designed for frequent use by professionals and consumers alike.  The Elyptol Natural Hand Spray is paired with eucalyptus oil and a naturally sourced pure ethanol for a fresh scent and genuinely clean hands.

Cons: None that we can find at this time other than it is a spay and not a gel or foam if that matters to a certain person

Elyptol Hand Sanitizer

The Best Natural Hand Sanitizer for Kids

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Pros: The foaming and quick drying action makes it fun for the kids and easy for the adults! The Babyganics hand Sanitizer has a pleasant smell and the little ones don’t have any leftover stickiness after applying. This is personally one of our favorites that we use constantly in our household.

Cons: The foaming action does not work as well at high altitudes or in hot weather.

Babyganics hand sanitizer

The Best Foaming Hand Sanitizer

CleanWell Natural Foaming Sanitizer

Pros: Made from natural botanical ingredients the Cleanwell Foaming Sanitizer is one of the best on the market. This hand foaming germ defense is a must have for those of us who have sensitive skin or suffer from dry hands.

Cons: It can freeze so make sure to store in a cool, dry area.

cleanwell hand sanitizer

Best Smelling Natural Hand Sanitizer

ArtNaturals Natural Sanitizer Gel

Pros: Completely organic and made with nutrient rich botanicals, the ArtNaturals sanitizer moisturizes your hands while protecting you from bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Fragranced with aromatherapy and essential oils that leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Cons: Only available as a set with all four scents – Scent Free, Coconut, Lavender, and Tea Tree Oil.

art natural hand sanitzer

The Best Natural Travel Hand Sanitizer

All Day 6-pack Hand Sanitizer Bundle

Pros: This non-toxic moisturizing formula is great for when you’re on the go! The All Day Bundle lasts for up to 24 hours and its convenient travel size bottle makes it so you can take it anywhere.

Cons: Consistency is like water so be aware if you are spraying it while handling other items.

all day hand sanitizer

The Best Hand Sanitizer for Daycare and Healthcare Professionals

McKesson Premium Hand Sanitizer

Pros: Made with aloe and containing vitamin E, the McKesson Premium Sanitizer is a perfect solution for cleansing and moisturizing your hands at the office or at home!

Cons: Only available in 18 oz bottles.

mckesson premium hand sanitizer

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