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5 Best Portable Physical Therapy Technologies

The 5 Best Portable Physical Therapy Technologies

Technology has the power to transform our most useful gadgets into compact devices without sacrificing functionality. One of the specialized environments where portability has a vast potential of improving is physical therapy. Whether it’s pain relief, strength, or muscle relaxation having something to meet those needs on the go is crucial. Here are the five leading technologies for physical therapy that you can carry anywhere you go.

electrical muscle stimulator

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Have you ever seen those home shopping ads with a vibrating belt that can give you a six-pack without doing anything? In reality, these products have been banned for giving false promises. However, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) serves a better purpose than giving you false promises. EMS products are now widely used in physical rehabilitation. Gadget Reviews’ list of the five best EMS devices on the market highlights that the technology speeds up muscle recovery, relieves soreness and improves circulation through electric signals. Most of the products reviewed on the website are under $30, user-friendly and successful in delivering what they promise.

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Hand Held Massager

hand held massager

Electric handheld massagers vary in types and sizes. Panasonic’s version has a long handle to make hard to reach areas, such as the back, more accessible. The Zyllion Percussion Massager also has an infrared heating mechanism that is effective in loosening up knots in your body, while the HoMedics Percussion Massager includes three different massage heads that have a firm, gentle and heated function. The products reduce the onset of muscle soreness, reduce chances of injury and increase performance. For any problems concerning your health, call a medical negligence lawyer.

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Waveform and Electrotherapy Technology

electrotherapyAustralian company PainPod specializes in wearable medical gadgets based on waveform and electrotherapy technology. These microcurrents are transmitted through the skin, blocking pain signals in the process. They can help with various conditions, both acute and chronic, such as pain caused by short-term injuries or chronic illnesses. Next in Digital reported that it is also widely used by professional sports teams and former players, including a couple of familiar names such as Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan. It is mainly used for pain management, performance enhancement and physical rehabilitation.



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To review a previous post here on Physical Therapy Product Reviews, we’re revisiting the Game Ready machine, particularly its cryotherapy feature. This ice machine’s main use is in reducing inflammation, which has been known to cause a lot of pain. Inflammation is not a bad biological response per se, however, when the condition is prolonged it can delay healing. Exposing the entire body, or localized regions, to cold treatment is nothing new and has been utilized by athletes and various sports team for many years now. Athletes like Kobe Bryant, Floyd Mayweather and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo are among the many who swear by cryotherapy for faster recovery from injury and pain. In an article published on Coral News titled ‘The Impact of Technology on Sports’ they noted how regular cryotherapy helped the English soccer team Leicester City achieve their first top-level football championship in 2015, with the fewest injuries in the league. With lower chances of injury and faster healing, dominant athletic performance is definitely one of the payoffs of cryotherapy. Another great option for portable cryotherapy is the Ossur Cold Pack System that does not require any electrical outlet and uses gravity to assist the flow of ice water in and out.

Exoskeleton Bionics

ekso skeletonEkso Bionics is a company that manufactures exoskeleton bionic devices. These are basically robotic suits that can harness a lot of power. Once the device is widely distributed for personal use, the Ekso Bionic Suit can help patients with impaired mobility due to a variety of conditions. SF Chronicle mentioned how it helped a stroke victim regain her ability to walk through repeated motion training. Recovering mobility can be difficult without assistance and that is exactly what the Ekso Bionic Suit is made for.



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