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Helpful Rehab and Fitness Articles

Hiking After A Hip Replacement
Physical Therapy

Hiking After A Hip Replacement – What You Need to Know

Are you an avid hiker? Did you just have a hip replacement? Let’s talk about getting your back out on the trail. Having a total …

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Riding a Bike After a Rotator Cuff Repair
Physical Therapy

Riding a Bike After a Rotator Cuff Repair – What You Need to Know

You just had rotator cuff surgery, and you’re dying to know when you can get back to riding your bike? You are probably sitting in …

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Skiing After A Total Knee Replacement
Physical Therapy

Skiing After a Total Knee Replacement – What You Need to Know

A total knee replacement can be an intimidating procedure. Yet, the vast majority of patients have significant improvements to the quality of life and recreational …

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Nerve Flossing
Physical Therapy

Nerve Flossing: What You Need to Know About Stretching Nerves

Stretching isn’t just for muscles. It turns out that your nerves can benefit from it too! You might not have known that you can improve …

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Cycling After Arthroscopic Hip Surgery – What You Need To Know
Physical Therapy

Cycling After Arthroscopic Hip Surgery – What You Need to Know

The hip is a strong and complex joint, yet not immune to injury or dysfunction. Arthroscopic hip surgery, also known as a hip scope, is …

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Hyaluronic Acid VS Total Knee Replacement A Helpful Guide
Knee Pain

Hyaluronic Acid VS Total Knee Replacement: A Helpful Guide

If your knees are making more noise than the creaky old stairs you are trying to ascend, it may be time to talk to your …

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